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Experiencing a catastrophic injury or losing a loved one to such an event is one of the most challenging situations anyone can face. These life-altering events not only wreak havoc on physical health but also cause emotional distress and financial burdens. In most extreme cases, one may lose their life. According to the National Safety Council, in 2021, there were 224,935 preventable injury-related deaths in the United States.

At Oleen Law Firm, we deeply empathize with those going through these trying times. Our team is here to provide compassionate legal support and guidance to help you navigate this difficult journey.

Located in Manhattan, Kansas, our firm serves clients throughout Junction City and the surrounding areas. We're committed to offering professional, confident, and persuasive legal services. Our attorneys, Bentson Robert Oleen, and Kent Ellis Oleen, bring a wealth of experience in handling personal injury cases, including catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death suits. 

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What are Catastrophic Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries are severe injuries that result in long-term or even permanent disabilities. They significantly impact the victim's quality of life, often requiring lifelong medical care and making it difficult, if not impossible, for them to work or perform daily activities. 

The effects of these injuries are not just physical. They also have profound emotional and financial implications for both victims and their families. This makes it crucial to seek legal guidance when navigating the aftermath of such a devastating event. 

Here are some examples of catastrophic injuries: 

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): These can result from a blow or jolt to the head, disrupting normal brain function. TBIs can lead to cognitive deficits, behavioral changes, and other long-term complications. 

  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Damage to any part of the spinal cord or nerves can result in permanent changes in strength, sensation, and other body functions below the site of the injury. 

  • Severe Burns: Third-degree burns damage all layers of the skin and can affect tissues underneath, leading to scarring, disfigurement, and potential complications like infections or breathing problems. 

  • Multiple Bone Fractures: Multiple fractures can take a long time to heal, cause significant pain, and may require multiple surgeries. 

  • Amputations: Losing a limb or part of a limb has a huge impact on a person's life, affecting mobility and the ability to carry out everyday tasks. 

When dealing with catastrophic injuries, it's essential to have experienced attorneys by your side. 

Personal Injury Claims in Kansas

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury due to another party's negligence or wrongful actions, you may be entitled to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. It's crucial to be aware of the statute of limitations in Kansas, which typically sets a two-year deadline from the date of the accident or injury to file a lawsuit. This deadline makes it vital to consult with an attorney as soon as possible following the injury, ensuring your claim is filed within the required timeframe. 

Kansas Is a No-Fault State

Kansas operates under a no-fault insurance system, meaning that individuals must first seek compensation from their own insurance company after an accident, regardless of who was at fault. However, in cases of catastrophic injuries, it may be possible to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party to seek additional compensation if the injuries meet certain thresholds. 

Comparative Fault

Kansas law also employs a comparative fault rule. If you're found partially responsible for your accident, any compensation you receive will be reduced by your percentage of fault. For instance, if you're awarded $100,000 but were found 20% at fault, you'll receive $80,000. We'll strive to ensure fault is accurately determined to maximize your rightful compensation. 

The types of damages available in personal injury cases in Kansas fall into two categories: economic and noneconomic. Economic damages cover tangible losses, such as medical bills and lost income. Noneconomic damages compensate for intangible losses, like pain and suffering. However, it's important to note that Kansas has caps on noneconomic damages, which underscores the importance of accurately calculating and presenting all economic damages. 

Wrongful Death Suit in Kansas

In situations where a catastrophic injury results in the loss of a loved one, surviving family members, such as spouses, children, parents, or siblings, may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This type of suit holds the responsible party accountable for their actions and provides compensation for the damages suffered by the surviving family members. 

Recoverable damages in a wrongful death suit might include medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, loss of income, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering. However, the specific damages will vary depending on the circumstances of each case. 

Catastrophic Injury Attorneys Serving Manhattan, Kansas

At Oleen Law Firm, our team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation to those dealing with catastrophic injuries. We understand the unique challenges faced by victims and their families and strive to secure the maximum compensation possible for our clients. With our deep understanding of Kansas personal injury laws, we're here to guide you through every step of the legal process. Trust us to fight tirelessly for your rights.