Family law encompasses some of the most sensitive and impactful legal issues that Kansas residents can face. Whether it's going through a divorce or ensuring the best possible outcome in child custody battles, family law matters require experienced and compassionate legal guidance.  

At Oleen Law Firm, we have years of experience in dealing with family law matters in Kansas. We provide personalized legal services to our clients. If you’re looking for legal support in or around Manhattan, Kansas, and the surrounding areas of Junction City, get in touch with us today for support. 

The Role of Family Law Attorneys

Family law attorneys play a crucial role in guiding individuals and families through some of the most challenging times in their lives. Here are some of the key services they provide: 

  • Divorce: Guiding people through the legal dissolution of a marriage, including asset division and alimony. 

  • Child custody: Ensuring the best interests of the children are met, including custody and visitation agreements. 

  • Alimony: Determining financial support post-divorce. 

  • Child support: Fighting for fair financial support for children. 

  • Prenuptial agreements: Drafting agreements to protect assets before marriage. 

  • Military divorce: Addressing the unique challenges faced by military families. 

  • Asset division: Equitable division of property and assets in divorce proceedings. 

Seeking legal advice in family law matters is essential for protecting your rights and securing a fair outcome. An experienced family law attorney can provide the expertise and support you need to face these issues effectively. Our team brings over 50 years of combined experience and a deep commitment to the Flint Hills community.  

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How to Choose the Right Family Law Attorney 

Selecting the right family law attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Here are some factors to consider: 

Local Knowledge 

Ensure that the attorney has extensive experience in family law within Kansas. Local experience means they are familiar with regional statutes, court systems, and community values. 


Family law is a broad field. Look for attorneys who specialize in the specific area relevant to your case, whether it's divorce, child custody, estate planning, or another family law matter. 

Track Record 

Review the attorney's track record of success in similar cases. Testimonials, case results, and client reviews can provide valuable insights into their capabilities. 

Personalized Approach 

Choose an attorney who offers a personalized approach, taking the time to understand your unique situation and tailoring their services to meet your needs. The father-son team at Oleen Law Firm, Bentson and Kent Oleen, exemplify this approach with their individualized attention to each client's case. 

Communication Skills 

Effective communication is essential in legal matters. Ensure that the attorney is responsive, keeps you informed, and explains legal issues in an understandable manner. 

Family law matters are some of the most critical issues individuals and families can face. In Kansas, the unique issues you’re facing require professional knowledge and experience. At Oleen Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing personalized legal services to guide you through these challenging times. 

Kansas Family Law FAQs 

To help you navigate common questions and concerns, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about family law in Kansas. 

What are my next steps when filing for divorce? 

Filing for divorce in Kansas involves submitting a petition to the local court, serving the petition to your spouse, and navigating various legal steps, including asset division and child custody arrangements. An experienced family law attorney can guide you through this process. 

How is child custody determined in Kansas? 

Child custody in Kansas is determined based on the best interests of the child. Factors considered include the child's relationship with each parent, the child's adjustment to home and school, and the mental and physical health of all parties involved. 

What factors influence alimony decisions in Kansas? 

Alimony decisions in Kansas are influenced by factors such as the length of the marriage, the financial needs and earning capacities of both parties, and the standard of living established during the marriage. 

How can I protect my assets with a prenuptial agreement? 

A prenuptial agreement can protect your assets by clearly outlining the division of property and financial arrangements in the event of a divorce. It is essential to work with an experienced attorney to ensure the agreement is legally sound and tailored to your specific needs. 

What are the unique challenges in military divorces? 

Military divorces involve additional complexities, such as dividing military benefits, addressing deployment schedules, and navigating federal laws that apply to military families. Local attorneys with experience in military divorces can provide the specialized support needed.

Family Law Attorneys in Manhattan, Kansas

If you are facing a family law issue, don't hesitate to seek legal advice. Our team is here to help you through the complexities of family law and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Contact Oleen Law Firm today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward resolving your legal matters.